My handsome hubby in his dress blues!


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Feb 3, 2010
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He's got an event tonight.. dropped him off and it was like pulling teeth to get him to let me snap a few curbside.. 5 pics and he tapped out. lol But here he is!

DSC_0167 by capturedbybc, on Flickr
I don't think it's possible for ANY man to look bad in those damned things. Not that your hubby isn't handsome, mind you... :)
I feel for you. Why is it that our military men can face any horror thrown at them and then get bothered by a camera? I'd rather have all my teeth pulled than sit through the whining. I just recently tried to take photos of my retired hubby in his new Air Canada uniform. Painful!
Hard charger. Semper Fi to you both. Thank him for his service for me. And from me to you, thanks for all your sacrifice as a military spouse.
I read the thread title as, "My Handsome Hubby in his Blue Dress"............:er:

Tell him 3 things for me:

Good shot!

Semper Fi!


Thank you!
Your son looks just like him. Very handsome.
Nice shot. Thank him for his service!
I don't even live in the States (I am British) but thank him for helping to keep the worlds looney's in check.

Thats not a bad photo either.

God bless you both.

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