my lil bulldog...


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Aug 2, 2010
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caught miss lucy sleeping on the bed again and then some from the yard
i still think my focus is off but i hope its getting better :D


Love the first photo. Last one could have been awesome if we caught him with his eyes open. Before you start photographing your pet ask yourself ‘what sets it apart from other animals?’ Think about what type of personality it has and then attempt to capture some of that in your shots. For example if everyone knows your pet as a sleepy, lazy or placid little thing set up your photo shoot around it’s bed or where it goes after a meal to lie in the sun and you’ll have every chance of capturing a shot that sums your pet right up. Alternatively if your pet is hyperactive, inquisitive and always on the move it might be better to do your shoot at a local park where it’s racing around, jumping for balls or playing with other animals.

I think you done that well with your bull dog's personality :)
thanks....its hard to pin point lil lucy's personality, she is a lazy mutt most of the time but she has her moments where she is just a big goof...i know i wish she would look up in #3 but we've been practicing...she now works for

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