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Aug 11, 2010
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Harlingen, Texas
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This may sound like a dumb question....but being new to this whole thing and just beggining I was unsure how to do this....

How do I put 'PROOF" on photos that I have taken??? I shot a wedding this past weekend for an aquintance since it was one of my first weddings I am not going to charge her but in the future evenually I will... but am unsure how to mark the proofs so that they are not used to recopy.
Lightroom and Elements both have a watermark feature. You can also take text, paste it on a new layer, and reduce the opacity.
If it's a friend of yours you could also just show them the pictures on your computer and let them pick that way...
I use for my proofing. I have it deposit my earnings in my PayPal account and it sends me a neat and tidy order that I take to to fill. Now they do take a %age of the earnings but it is well worth it. They even give you an option to password protect the images which I think is super cool. And it automatically water marks the photos and scales them down but keeps the original encase the client wants to buy the original copy.

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