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Aug 2, 2010
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i will be in the hospital with my sister in law while she is in labor...i want to take pics but i hate "posed" candid shots i want to capture the real emotions...i can't use flash really so does anyone have any pointers? I have about 2 months to figure this one out:confused:
BTW- i wont be taking pictures of the actual delivery- too much showing for this girl- just before and after the baby is born...
If this were my plan, I'd go with the "nifty fifty" (my 50mm f1.8), up the ISO (to the max if necessary, there's always noise reduction software for later!), go fairly wide open (but not all the way to the 1.8, but 3.2 or so), and use the given light. Once in the delivery room, there's bound to be quite a bit of light.
As long as you're not getting in the way of anyone important, a monopod would probably be a good thing to have around. However, if it's just before-and-after type shots and it doesn't bother anyone, in my experience you can get enough light just by opening the window (depending on the hospital, I guess).

I've taken pictures of my sister-in-law after she gave birth to my niece, and of my wife after she gave birth to our daughter, and though I really really liked the way some of them turned out, the moms themselves both dislike them. I like the "honesty" that comes with the contrasting lighting and all the medical equipment still hooked up, but they don't think they look "at their best."

Here's one of my favorite shots of my wife and daughter, so you can see what I mean:

yeah i figured the lights in the hospital would be sufficant and i can adjust a little later so they wont look soo clinical...:er:
im not looking for perfect just capturing the moment...thanks for the suggestions
i love it she is gorgeous ...this is just what i want to capture and luckily my sister in law is beautiful and not camera shy ever!!! as far as the lighting goes the hospital she is going to won't allow anything off camera and they really don't want the flash...i understand its supposed to be a calm setting...
All the photos I took of my wife's labor adventure (30 hours in failed induced labor followed by a c-section) were with 800 ISO color film, 3200 ISO b&w film, and 50 f/1.8 lenses. Worked out well, especially when I could get some good natural window lighting.

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