My New 5DMii


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Feb 11, 2010
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New York
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It arrived today, 2 days before I expected it to be here.:thumbup:

I have taken a couple of shots to make sure it operates, and get a feel for the camera.
I am really surprised/happy how light it is. Also how similar the 7D & 5D are in size/shape and button locations.

As good as the 5DMii is supposed to be, I have become very comfortable with the 7D, and I already noticed a few slight technical differences between the two cameras.

The 7D has the "Q" button, the 5D does not. I like the "Q" button.:er:
The AF system of the 7D is definitely more advanced...but I have not used the 5D enough to see if it makes a large difference.

There are some differences, with the 7D having some nice "bells & whistles". I purchased the 5D for specific reason, so I will let you know how I feel in a month or so of shooting. The fall is almost upon us, and that is my favorite time of year. It took me months to acclimate to the 7D from the T1i...

"I may not be any good, but I am slow...and that is on a good day" :mrgreen:

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