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Dec 18, 2007
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Hello! The other day I bought a camera an Fuji Film S700, and I went on ebay and got a wide lens and some filters, a cleaning kit for $60.00. I got it ups and it took a few weeks to get, (I Live in Newyork and the Seller lives in Newyork), so I dont know what happend there. I took Some Pictures of my Brothers Car. Do you have any tips on Software (maybe open source because I cant Spend $200 On software) and some skills i should know. Ill post the pictures in a little bit......
first of all, welcome :)

not sure about open source, others on here might know better.

as for the skills, we do not know where you stand right now, so we would not know what is lacking ;)

If you are a beginner, learn the basics and play alot :)
Do you think I should of went with something else or the fuji film a good cameras? Ill try to get a pic later on
I too have just purchased a Fuji S700. I saw an entire kit on Amazon that had different lens attachments and other stuff like 2 tripods, camera bag, filters, etc.

I'm curious to see pictures with the lens attachments as I haven't purchased any for mine. I just got the camera 4 days ago.

As for me, being a complete noob to manual settings on a camera, I'm loving the fact that I paid $200 for the camera that has the majority of manual modes that the big ones have. The aperture doesn't open up quite as large, the shutter speed isn't quite as versatile, the zoom isn't quite as versatile, etc, but I think it's better to start with a cheaper camera if you haven't a clue what your doing like me. A coworker of mine is buying a camera as well and he's spending over $1000 on a Canon Rebel. He hasn't a clue what to do with it either, like me.

Here's a few quick pics I've taken just messing around with it the last few days..... Test/Pizza-PSP.jpg

Macro test: Test/toy-PSP.jpg

Free software:

Gimp (Photoshop alternative) (Photoshop alternative)
Picasa (Photo album/organizer)
Adobe Photoshop Album Starter (Photo album/organizer)
You can buy those lens at your local camera shop (I would look around for diffrent prices to find the cheapest one). Before you buy you need these things: 1 0.45X Extra Wide Angle Lens
1 2.0X Telephoto Lens
An asortment of filters, a good sturdy case, for every thing (I would buy the more expensive one to protect the investment you made).

I would Look at ebay and search "lens for fujifilm s700" I found a couple of hits, I would look for the adapter (which would cost $25 dollars in stores).

If you have any questions email me ([email protected]) or leave me a message.
I there, glad to know there are a few other people with this camera. For both of you with this camera here is a full review that I found for the camera.

I love this camera cause it has a full manual mode to learn lots of stuff that will help you when you got to a more advanced camera. Here is a website I found on using your digital camera. It explains everything and I can really take some nice pictures now.

That should help you out quite a bit. I read the short coures and now I only use the manual mode on the fuji. I love mine. If you have any question just let me know. Glad both of you like the camera. I think its a great starter camera.

Here is a recent photo I took.


And one more.


I know I have to do a little croping and what not but I think the camera take great pictures for just being a ccd camera.
O and at radio shack right now they have a 2gb ultra ll fast write sd card on sale for 24.99. I bought one and it really speeds the right time up a lot. Really noticed an improvment in how fast I can take pictures. Would recommend it.
go to and type in photoshop cs2. save the link on your desktop. then go to google and type in azuereus. download it. go to your desktip and open then link you saved. it will start downloading. voila open source!
Its not open source, and its illegal!

That stuff probably isn't allowed on the forum.

As for software, I'd recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 based on your requirements.

Its only 99$ USD

EDIT: Amazon has it for $60!
Shoot. Start with picasa (from Google) and go from there.
Hey Brain, awesome pics. bt try to tone down the sun haha ouhh well...
Fujifilm..hmmnn i dun lyk it much bt still for softwares try to gt your hands on the photoshop CS3 ver basic wel you can also get the pro edtion if you want to..

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