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May 14, 2007
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After quite a bit of hard work, I have finally launched a free web hosting company, Spiro Host.

Hosting can be expensive, and often people have such small requirements that paying $10 a month for a hosting plan is absurd. Therefore, I have started a free hosting service as an alternative to paid web hosting. The service is supported by non intrusive text ads at the top of every hosted page.

Though I have only made a few posts here, I done quite a bit of research in these forums through the search feature and members here have been very helpful to me. As a way to say thanks, I am willing to offer users here twice the disk space and bandwidth normally alloted to users.

To get the extra space and bandwidth, simply enter The Photo Forum as the referrer when signing up.

Use your free hosting account to create a website for your photos (but not
hot link them please), make a personal website for friends a family, have a site for you child's soccer team, or even a forum or guest book. Some features all hosting users get include:
1. 500 MB space and 10 GB bandwidth (users here get double that)
3. WYSIWYG editor for those who don't know how to build websites.
4. Automated script installer for forums, guestbooks, and CMS's,
5. Free traffic monitoring software to see how many people visit your site.

I hope this is useful to everyone. Thanks for all the help you've given me!
Can you link us to a site hosted through you? Do you advertise on the sites you host?
Use your free hosting account to create a website for your photos (but not
hot link them please

but this is exactly what people would need in order to post images on this forum ...

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