My niece with a fish.


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Aug 16, 2005
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Took them out fishing and my niece caught her first fish (it's a grunt).

I took it with my pentax isTD digi SLR. What do you guys think besides
the horrible contrast and lighting?


If one of you would like to d/l the photo and do a quick fix i would appreciate
it because I tried everytying in PS and i dont like the outcome of it. If you could tell me how you did it that would be a plus!

Something off subject but how should I save it? I saved it in the highest
setting PS had to try to preserve the quality- does this matter much?


My immediate thoughts:
- your niece is very, very pretty.
- The light you had when you took this one was very sweet.
- Her skin looks good in this light with the blue of the water as her backdrop.
- Poor fishy.
- What do you want to change?
- The first photo is too large!!!!
I agree hard to view with that size can't seem to grasp it all as one photo. Nice fish, nice kid, the lighting is what it is. When one views a picture shot in a certain lighting condition even the person with no photo experience, puts a mind filter on it. Dont worry it doesn't distract.

The shock is our infuriating habit of hitting a subject with flash that can not reach the back ground. The effect is a person standing there perfectly lid in a frame that screams something is wrong here. The mind is not comfortable until it has worked out the explaination for the difference. Most of the time it is distracting to us. However the inverse is true as well, sometimes the shot is a no more than a snapshot or candit and suffers more from the poor lighting this one does not. It is a fine shot.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar....
I can't really see the whole picture so you'll have to tell me if this is an improvement at all.

First I re-sized it to 600 pixels high!

I adjusted the levels for each colour to increase the contrasts, and adjusted the blue and green channels to balance the lighting on the ground area.

Boosted contrast by just 10

Boosted Saturation by 10

Finally saved for web at 80% to reduce the file sized & make it easier to view. I rarely see any degradation of image quality at 80%.


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