My Noritsu Drum scan, help please...

Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by lextalionis, Aug 7, 2008.

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    Hey gang,

    I just received my Noritsu 35mm Extra High Drum scan of a Green Sea turtle UW photo I took back in 96’ off the west coast of Oahu while I was serving in the US Navy on the USS Columbus SSN 762 fast attack submarine. I bought a lot of Sea-and-Sea UW equipment while in Yokosuka, Japan. I took the train into Tokyo and then walked to Akihabara (Electronics District near Tokyo) and purchased the equipment. Anyway, long story short…I posted this photo on my flickr account as a 4X6 Color Print scan here:

    About two weeks ago I had a flickr member email me asking if he could use this photo for his School of Veterinary Science since they were studying Green Sea turtle diet. He wanted to blow it up as a poster. Of course I told him this was a 4X6 color scan and it wouldn’t look good at poster size. I found the negative so now I have a 75mb 300dpi drum scan of the negative and I’m not pleased with the color etc. Maybe it’s just the way the negative scanned? Anyway I’m thrilled about the request and even more so since he teaches at my alma mater…GO GATORS!

    So here’s the flickr “medium size” 4X6 scan which I cleaned up some in Photoshop:

    Now, here’s the best pass of about 1 hour of tweaking the 75mb tiff in Photoshop ~900X600 resolution. I used Noise Ninja, clone stamp, and some color/saturation changes, I think the original color print scan color is much more pleasing:

    Here’s the 75mb tiff file:

    Is anyone up for an edit and render to a jpg suitable for color print of ~ 16X20?

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Roy, probably because it's so late my time here, but I'm not sure I understand what you're asking to be done.

    Could you clarify what you have in mind for edit and render?

    Were you looking to have the colour cast of the larger image changed so that it looks more like the smaller image as part of that editing and rendering?

    Without looking at it in the info palette, I suspect that there might be a strong yellow cast to the larger image, giving the sea a greenish cast rather than the more pure blue of the smaller image. And that yellow cast also has changed the colours of the sea turtle. If that yellow cast was purposeful, my apologies.

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