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Aug 29, 2011
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Cumbria, England
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I wouldn't normally post for critiques of any of my own work, I find it unfair for me to ask for comments if I don't give any back. However, after looking through my work for a few hours I couldn't help but feel that it might be worth finding out if people think I'm making some good progress. I also vow to make a comment on other peoples' work for every comment I receive here!

I'll make it clear. I'm not looking to start a photography business any time soon, that'll sound refreshing to a lot of the regulars here! I am, however, creating a simple solution for the situation where people ask where they can view my work.

It's not perfect and I am constantly tweaking, adding and removing photos. I'd just like to know whether there are any photos that perhaps don't deserve a place, need extra/refined processing or have any other issues. I am also looking to change the 'main picture', the current one is poo, so any ideas would be fantastic!


It's a very simple system, probably quite unprofessional looking, so I'd happily take on suggestions for alternative portfolio solutions. For now DaPortfoio is adequate.
Can you select a couple of your favorites and post them here?
I'll link to them directly, they're too high-res to post here. That might annoy some people but I'm concious of people with slower connection speeds.
I've chosen one or two from each section. I'm not asking for a crit of each so you can pick and choose as you wish!

On #5, as a personal comment, I think it probably needs warming up a touch; it was a cold, semi-overcast day in the shade shot with a Canon 200mm 2.8L.

I've made a head start on my commenting, I've made two so far!
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Apologies for the double post. I realise that, just like any thread I post in, no-one will respond. I suppose I continue to live up to my reputation of killing threads!

Anyway, I'll make it easier for people to see some of my work. It may entice people to click a link if they see some work posted here!




I know they're big.

I have a broad range of stuff, two of these are home-studio-based and the other is street photography in Blackpool.

I've also made another comments on a fellow photographer's work! I hope I can get some here!
They are nice. You have some basic issues, #1 has a flaming red hand. #2 has some perspective issues and in this particular situation where the goal seems to be repitition, the little old lady detracts from the image. (the man going in the box adds to it, though). #3 either isn't wb'd or you added warmth, which would be ok if it wasn't so dark IMO. The angle is also odd, with the feeling they are sliding off the image.
They are nice. You have some basic issues, #1 has a flaming red hand. #2 has some perspective issues and in this particular situation where the goal seems to be repitition, the little old lady detracts from the image. (the man going in the box adds to it, though). #3 either isn't wb'd or you added warmth, which would be ok if it wasn't so dark IMO. The angle is also odd, with the feeling they are sliding off the image.

Really insightful comments!

Is the hand really that red? I'm not arguing, I would just feel embarrassed about how badly my monitor was calibrated! I'll try and view it on some other screens. Thanks for pointing it out.

I think you nailed the second image, repetition of the photo boxes with the inclusion of the homeless man checking for forgotten change. He actually went to every box, I was getting impatient because there were so many people walking past. This is the one with the least people but I definitely understand what you mean. Would you mind expanding on the perspective issues?

Yep, the third one has been warmed up a bit. Maybe my monitor is messing up my colour perception, it doesn't seem too severe on my screen. I was going for a warm/comforting/nostalgic feel hence the altered WB and darkness, I totally get where you're coming from. As for the tilt, well... it's edgy! I agree with you for the most part, I don't like tilted images, this one for me felt acceptable. But, as they say in the US "to each his own" which means "each to his own" in the UK!

Fantastic comments, they are a genuine help.
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You need more photos. (unless I overlooked them?)

Also more photos that stand out or say something.

But good first steps!

Good luck!


Tea cups are v. nice. Overlooked them at the site.

The lady walking would be good if the stones and lady were sharper. Also the dark corners are a distraction....OK photo anyway. Try it in BW? At one time i liked vignetting. But after reading all the lens reviews I wonder is it spec effects or bad lenses or natural light?

Also liked the photo at your site of one guy walking a bike in a field of 'who knows what'.

Hammer is OK. burnt out corner. I always like to see where a photo ends. Dirty hammer. Got the idea, but does not convey breakage that well. Nice commercial effort though, at least you got some blocks flying.


Train station is v nice. I saved a photo of it to look at once in a while. Only one of yours that spoke to me to save. If I liked tea and Martha Stewart the tea cups would be a saver too. If I had any room left on my walls wouyld hang up a copy of your train station. Only thing I may have liked better was if the trains were streaking some blured colors. Top is kinda dark, but still a great photo!

This one should be trashed unless I'm missing something... Lose it!
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I looked through your site.
Lots of dark moody stuff...
Not really bad, not really good.
Actually looks like film work or digital that was not processed optimally.

Keep at it, I have seen MUCH worse :), shows potential.
I like the smashed Rubik's cube. Possibly because I used to be tempted to do that to them when they were a fad.

I LOVE the railway station. :thumbup:

The others don't grab me but that's a matter of personal taste. :)
Wow! Thanks for all the comments! I'll process it all properly as I respond to each post!

Slackercruster, thanks for taking time to write such an in-depth response and even checking out my site. I can tell what you mean about the phone-box shot. I don't want to blame the lens, that's not my style, but I was trialling a Sigma 12-24 4.5-5.6. To cut a story short it just wasn't up to standard; I have several potential keepers not shown on the website ruined because of the terrible autofocus. I resorted to manual focus which, as we know, isn't ideal on crop-bodies without focussing screen on split prism. Now I'm just making excuses. I'll test on monochrome and lose some faux-vignetting in the process.

Yeah, the bike shot is one that I go back to myself. I took that 6 months after I got my DSLR, and that was only 12 months ago! I actually messed the exposure up; I did the typical noob thing of wanting to shoot manual 24/7. I think Lightroom did a good job of saving it.

I'll definitely take on your advice for the hammer shot. I asked a few friends about it and your comment confirms that I need to take care of every last detail; the hammer just doesn't fit the scene. It's actually my first commercial style effort and my first composite effort, too. I shot the airborne blocks separately, you might be able to tell.

Thanks for the save on the train station! That has to be one of my own personal favourites. I have a few versions with the trains moving if you're interested. The train pictured is actually the train I was getting home on! I was borrowing a fisheye and couldn't wait to try it hence the shots taken during my journey home! I could also try and send you a copy with decent colour, I can't tell whether it's my browser or the hosting but the colour is much more muted on the internet.

MReid, It's interesting that you think it could be film. That is an effect I try to add to my work, I know it's nostalgic and mostly unfounded but I do like the feel of film. Because you mentioned film would you say that it looks like the lab technician is more to blame or me in Lightroom? I'm guessing it's me in Lightroom! Do think my portfolio needs brightening up a bit?

Granddad, thanks for the comments. I really appreciate it!

I am reposting my station pictures in their real colour, it would be interesting to hear which people prefer.

This image has some movement in it, the only movement I could capture at least.
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Mot, check out the this thread. A few nice BW landscapes on page 1 and 2. (I did not have time to look at all 50 pages, probably lots more.)

The Monochrome Landscape - post yours! -

Just keep banging away and trying to get sharp, well exposed photos that have good composition. If your set up on a tripod, bang away and bracket some. I saw a dvd where one Natl. Geo photography shot 15,000 - 20,000 images for an assignment. So don't be afraid to shoot away.

I like street photos more so than commmercial photos. Kinda the in your face style. So, you may need many critics for your work since it is all encompasing.

Also try some nudes if you got some models for it.

I am trying to figure out how to scan my old negs from the 70s' I'd like to send in some of my photos. I think critics should show some of their work to show where they are coming from. It is easy to be critical, but lets see what you can do type of thing.

I was into photography / darkroom work pretty heavy in the early to late 70's, but got burnt out and sold all my Nikon / Hassy / Pentax 6x7 / 4 x 5 gear by end of the decade. In 1981 took a trip to Thailand and Sri Lanka. Lots of interesting things to photograph. (These are scans from some old 3 -1/2 x 5 prints.)

I was not going to even take a camera as I was traveling light and I gave up photography and only had one small carry on bag for a couple of weeks trip. But decided at last minute to buy a Pentax K1000 for the trip after wife convinced me to take a few photos. Amazing I took lots of good photos on one roll of 24 film and even had a few extra shots when I came home. Glad I took the camera!

Now I take lots of digital, just bang them off left and right and few are good keepers.

In Sri Lanka they had a cold shower coming out of the roof and a drain on the cement floor. Served spicy lunch on banana leaves for plates for .63 cents. What you did not eat they took back and gave you credit....those were the days!





In 1982 took a trip to So. America. Added a Sigma WA and decided to return to photography, albeit in a much smaller way than before.




Always matter how tough the traveling gets...we got it much better than the old timers!

sod-house.jpg least we got T.P.


Good luck!
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You have some stunning work there Slacker. I think I'm going to have to save this (below) one for my ideas folder. That's the kind of thing I'd have on my wall!

I am a huge fan of street photography and have started it myself with a Canonet QL17 rangefinder, though I'm looking into a Canon 7 with LTM. I'm still at the stage where I hate to waste film so I'm mostly hesitant to shoot but I'm looking into bulk buying seeing as how I have full time access to a fully equipped dark room. I've developed two rolls (underdeveloped by about 30 seconds :() and played with the enlarger and it's a lot of fun, unfortunately I haven't got anywhere near as much time as I'd like!


I've also got through a healthy portion of the Pentax thread. I have already got a new idea that I am quite excited about!

I only wish I knew more people like you in real life; people with experience and are happy to share stories. My Dad had a big interest in photography in the 70s and 80s (he bought himself an AE-1 in 1978) but has had no interest since.

This is a better quality version of my favourite street shot so far. The one on the site needs replacing. It was shot on my first roll of black and white and was the first time I'd developed my own film. I want to get some paper to enlarge it; it's the only one I like enough!

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