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Jun 8, 2005
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Sydney - Australia
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This shot had a fair bit of work put into it.

Home made light box. Old shoe box with foil tapped inside for light reflectivness. 580 EX speedlite using a ST-E2 for wireless flash and some baking paper between the light box and top of the tank.
f/16 - 1/250s - ISO100 - Pattern Metering

Great picture! and lovely colors.
I wish i could get a pic like that of my fish aswell...but they are to quick for me and most of the pics i just delete!
Very nice! I haven't been able to get a shot of my fish that sharp, but I haven't put quite that much work into it either.
Hehe, thanks for the comments guys.
I have post a fish pic or two here previously and never really had any kind of response.

Taking good pics of fish is quite a challenge. Not only have the right setup, but having fish that co-operate as well. This guy isn't very coperative when it comes to taking pics.
I got a couple of ok pics of my fish and will upload them soon but they are no way as good as yours.
Thanks for the words people!!

Will post more fish shots here in due course seeing as I got this kind of response this time.

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