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    So my poem is supposed to be spoken word poetry and thats what i like sorry if you dont like that type of poetry
    The Leaving Of a Broken Hand
    Standing in the open field
    A light breeze pleasing my neck
    Eyes closed and ears open
    Grass dancing back and forth
    In its rhythmic patterns
    The war cry of ants
    As they fight for the last of the fields food
    Birds singing their love song
    To anyone
    To anything
    One is not right
    There is only grass
    The one flower has fallen
    The one flower that meant anything to me
    Stem is not broken, nor are the roots dry
    Hanging down towards the ground
    Sulking in the sunlight
    With only death on its lips
    Taking it in my hand
    Wondering what could have happened
    A graven image in my mind
    A saddened face out of the corner of my eye
    A wail of pain in my ear
    And the touch of a broken hand
    Leaving my own


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