My son. 5th grader. Violinist (well, a few weeks of lessons... hehe)


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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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Took my son to a fort here locally yesterday, it was about 2pm :( so way too bright for what I really wanted to get, but this is my son and a reshoot is possible! hehe as much as he will probably fight and scream against it, I would love to return on a better light time and a less crowded day, so CC is appreciated.

1. 2.8 1/400 iso200 D90 35mm 1.8


2. same


3. same



1/50 2.8 iso 640 35mm 1.8



1/30 1.8 iso 1250 D90 35 1.8

I know shutter was way low and ap was very narrow. but I wanted to get that glowing light from the window. If I come back I need to bring a reflector and I think this would look way better!

I may be an armature but they look great

I don't think you're an armature. :D

As for the pix, I think they're good, except #1. His expression says: "OK, I'll pose for these damned photos, but can we make it quick? I feel like a dork and I'm not happy about this."

Now that you've got a couple of violin portraits, I think you should focus on some good candids. You'll never catch him smiling while he's playing, but that is natural. I think you WILL have some opportunities to get his "game face", which will be interesting and also a more honest portraiture.

Keep up the good work!

Oh, and I'd lose the watermarks. Chances are no one wants pix of your son playing violin but you and your family, so don't clutter it up.

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