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Jan 11, 2008
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One of the places I go to often because.....I like it. Thoughts and all welcome. Thanks for lookin'

OMG, I love the steamy look to the water. Is this HDR? Its a great shot and would great in print.
Beautifully composed, but the clouds are not working for you.
Nice picture, I like the water. The only thing is that the high lights in the sky look burnt out.

Yea, seems the sun has a habit of that.

Looks like the perfect therapy too me. Great image, I really love the water at the shore line and the glow of the sunset. Very nice indeed.
Thanks very much everyone for taking the time to comment. It's not an HDR, however I certainly did mask and adjust select areas. I did darken the clouds, perhaps a touch too much,if that is what you are implying Phototron, I'm not really sure. Again thanks for the kind words and observations.
great shot. Any links to tutorials of processes you used to get the final from? It really does look like an HDR(not the extreme/fake end of one).
I love the rocks! Great picture Cappahayden.
Thanks for kinds words all. F34F, I don't have any links to tutorials or anything. With this shot, besides the regular levels and colour adjustments to the entire image, I selected areas independently, ie: the rocks and foaming water, feather the selections a fair amount so they are not obvious and did curve adjustments to my liking, increased saturation some and applied USM. Also the dodge tool comes in handy also. That's about it.

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