My wife's first contribution. She'd like C&C.


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Sep 13, 2010
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San Antonio
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Thanks for looking.
really pretty:)
Its hard to get a butterfly to stand still.
I believe the environment around the butterfly is overexposed and I thiiink the focus is on one of the leaves instead of right on the butterfly, but I could be wrong.

Definitely keep at it :)
Butterflies are tough
Here is one I got

It looks good. What camera is she using?

sorry, not to be an asshole, but really? looks good? despite the noise and out of focus butterfly with the motion-blurred wing?

it IS hard to get a butterfly to stay still....even for a moment. patience is a virtue. keep shooting and enjoy the ride! :thumbup:
Great capture of the butterfly! I'm surprised it came in blurry for how much light is actually in the picture but then again if she used a faster shutter speed it would have fixed that light and blur.

Also, a personal preference would be for the wings to be centered instead of the thorax and head being the main point of focus. It looks hard to do and I've never tried it so it's a valiant effort for a first go!
One i managed a while ago, shame about the nasty hard background but hey?!:mrgreen:


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