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    I have a Brons wide conversion lens that I think works on my Minolta dynax 5000i 35mm SLR

    here is what it looks like - visar alla bilder i fullstorlek, tillhörande annons - Säljes: Brons Vidvinkel 49 mm Minoltas 0,42X

    There is a Macro filter and a protective filter attached to it, both of which are 49mm.

    If my other filters that work are 52mm, then I guess this adapter will not work with my setup. How is this adapter used then?

    Thanks for any help

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    I am guessing since it allows 49mm filters to be attached it is 49mm itself. You can get a step down ring. 52mm to 49mm ($12 to $20 US). But you will probably get vignetting as a result. Did you buy the camera used? And it came with it? It may have been for another lens they may have had. Or for some reason the accessory is 52mm thread, but it uses smaller filters itself? Have you tried screwing it on?

    I have step up rings for my smaller lenses. I buy most of my filters to fit my largest lens. Then use step up rings to fit the bigger filters to the smaller lenses. Only exception is my CP filters. I buy them the right size (thin version for the wide lens). Just so vignetting will not occur.

    I never heard of Brons but I am guessing that is a local brand name. Most of these types of add on things are poor in quality. I can't say this one is, but I have yet to see one for SLR lenses that are worth anything.
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