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Mar 31, 2009
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hello iam new to the forum and i have a nikon n 90 and was woundering how to bracket my photos .. or help on in indoor flush when i take a picture in doors the light is on the face to much ... needing to soften the light all around
Bracketing is nothing more than the following:

Make a best guess as to the 'right' exposure. Take it and then take additional exposures one or more 'stops' above and below the first one.

Example: Shooting outdoors by natural light, your meter says 1/250th @ f11. Shoot it and then also shoot at 1/250th @ f8 and 1/250th @ f16. You have now 'bracketed' the exposure +/- 1 stop. You can also bracket +/- 2 stops, etc.

Studio lighting, your other question, isn't in my area of expertise. Sorry.
You should change your shutter speed instead of your aperture. By changing the aperture, you're also changing your depth of field.
Your camera has a bracketing feature that is fully automatic. Read the manual to learn how to set it up.
so should i take a longer shutter speed ... like 1 or 2 stops ?
If you are using negative film you really shouldn't have to worry about it as long as you have a half way decent lab to develop them. Print negative film has a Lot of leeway with exposure.

If you are using slide film, or chromes if you like, then bracketing would be a good idea as the leeway is far smaller but if you are worried about it I would suggest that you shoot regular negatives for a while until you are comfortable nailing your exposures.

BTW, I don't think that the N90/s has an auto bracketing feature but a simple turn of the shutter wheel will do the trick. It's still better to just nail the exposure. You can practice by using the spot meter (without using film) and reading up on the zone system.

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