NAIAS '12 - couple of my favorites

They look better than snapshots to me.
You did this?

This is professional looking shyt, Sammi Lou

I had no idea.
Damn woman! Are you married?
lol thanks...I didn't think those 4 shots turned out too bad but some of the other suck. It's REALLY hard to get pictures there without people standing in front of you. Everything has to be taken at weird angles. Thanks for the compliments. =)

And yes, I'm married. I like the pretty cars but I don't know that I like them enough to go to the auto show if my husband wasn't dragging me there. lol He actually bribed me by reminding me that I had my new camera this year to bring.
Nice shots, Sammie Lou! :)
Thank you guys! I feel a little bit better...I've felt like a failure lately for not getting out with my camera enough. lol

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