Nana's Cupboard


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Oct 16, 2012
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The noise is there for character, not crappy low light high ISO performance...

cupboard by runnah555, on Flickr
With the noise, I think you could go a stop darker on the interior, and it would still work. Noise applied in the right sort of way can really bring out low level signal.

It's nice. I woulda moved one of the baskets to the other side. Well, no, I would not have, I'd have shot this. But then I'd look at it after the opportunity to reshoot was gone, and I'd think "I should have moved one of the baskets to the other side of the frame." I'd probably burn the upper left corner a fair bit to bring a gradient diagonally across the frame.
Yeah, I like that one better. And I liked the first one pretty well!

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