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Oct 5, 2010
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First of all, thanks for looking.:D it's pretty nice when people take time out to personally check out my threads! thanks so much. These pictures are my novice attempts at nature photography...All taken over a year's time, throughout different seasons. Taken with a Sony Cybershot, point and shoot camera(which, personally, I think is GARBAGE, but sometimes you have to use what you GOT!;) ) So let me know what you think:mrgreen: Thanks so much!
wild rose along the roadside after a rainstorm:

sunset over our small country town:

I took this photo last December at the beach in Tela, Honduras...ahhh the Carribbean Sea is unmatched in it's beauty! It was a beautiful day with amazing lighting and I couldn't put my camera down! This shot was rather unplanned for; I stepped out of my flip flops to get some pictures of bare footprints in the sand, and when I looked up again a few minutes later, the tide had come up and the edge of the sea was feathering around my flip flops. I saw the photo opportunity, and....well this is the result:

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