Need 2 flashes for canon


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Feb 8, 2012
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Hi--I need a couple of flashes for a canon 20d also compat. with 60d. Flashes would be used for a mini studio at home, but if one flash could be used for outdoor portraits, that would be nice.

I'm looking for super affordable flashes.
Need to work as slaves with remote trigger.

Any suggestions? Don't know much about flashes; I've only worked with natural light and "big bulbs" for my "studio" at home. :)


Are you looking for fully manual flashes to use off camera? Or are you also looking for a TTL flash to use on camera?
One can be manual, the other should be TTL. Thank you! :)
Well, I'm a strong proponent of getting a Canon flash first... Even though they are steeper in price. The build quality and features are often better. I have two 430EX II's, and I love them. As a secondary flash, I'd get this one: 285-HV :: Flash with Zoom Thyristor :: Vivitar

I haven't used it, but everyone and their mom recommends it. They can be had for real cheap too.
Thank you so much! I'd been looking at those two, this confirms. :)
I love my 420ex, best purchase I have made. So, the 430ex II should do you well.

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