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Flash for Canon SL2?

William Baroo

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Aug 30, 2023
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I want to be able to do macro with my Canon SL2. I recently learned that macro people use flashes and diffusers for bugs.

The variety of flashes out there is enormous. The Godox V1 seems to be a favorite at $249. On the other hand, the Yongnuo Speedlite YN600EX-RT II seems to be well-liked for $138. Since this is not my primary camera, I don't feel I need the greatest flash on Earth, but I would like to be able to shoot bugs outdoors, and I would also like it to work reasonably well for ordinary indoor photos.

Is there some reason I should spend $200-$300? I know nearly nothing about flashes.
You’ll want a ring flash for macro, I have a Godox ring flash, MF R76, I bought it after my old Vivitar all but died on me. This model allows you to control the power to each half of the of the ring. Giving you options on side lighting effects you used to only get with the ones that mount 2 flash heads on the lens.

Whatever you land with, make sure it can recover and be ready to flash again almost immediately. You will need this for focus stacking later in your macro journey. Or with shooting a high frame rate to get flying bugs and such in action.

Depending on what you are shooting a diffuse light box is also helpful, although I've never used one.
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hey William! there is a lot of good DIY macro flash info out there. ( look up lordV ) i tend to go old school and make my own deffuser's. but a lot of good gear for a good price! i use a neewer flash. and have been having some reasonably good luck with it. and a home DIY deffuser. i tend to go with over subject lighting as apposed to head on direct lighting. but it's wide open! that's the fun of it. i just posted a few here, if you want to see the effect. let me know if i can help.
Thanks for your help. My inclination is to go with something on the lower end of the price scale, since this is my #2 camera.

I had not heard the advice about ring flashes before.

I Googled "Lordv," AKA Brian Valentine. I thought I had seen good macro photos before, but at this point, this guy is the king.

In 2013, he said he used a Canon 430EX. They are going cheap used. If I can get one for a few dollars, I might do it simply because it is proven to work.
yeah. he's on the next level from me too! LOL. but he has good advice for a lot of it. we were friends on smumug a few years ago. and he gave me a lot of pointers. the flash needs to be manual for macro. controlled lighting is a must! the diffuser can very from a simple piece of printer paper and scotch tape, up to as complicated as you want. the lighting is not so hard as learning to get the little beasts in focus! a monopod works pretty well. the larger your light source, the better (within reason) anyway. sounds like you're on your way! let me know if i can help! cheers.
I found a lightly-used 430EX something or other, so I'm going to try it. I'm sure it will be more than adequate until I know what I'm doing.

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