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Mar 25, 2009
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well i know this is mainly a photography forum but i was wondering if anyone knows of a good video camera for weddings i was thinking around the 300 dollar price range i was thinking a sony dcr-sx40/l(cause i like blue) but i want one that i can have a microphone for but with sony the cheapest one is around 600.....
Honestly, not trying to be rude, but if you want to do video at weddings, you really should invest in a high quality camera, people are paying you for a service and to deliver less then good quality video because you opted for the cheap camera is unacceptable IMO. Now that that is out of the way, I wouldn't recommend going with that sony, a higher end sony or canon would be a better choice. You might want to look at getting something used?

Edit: Sorry I know that kind of came off as a jerk, I didnt mean it to, I'm just trying to say if you want to try to get into doing professional wedding videography, you should do it right.
well i have been asked to video a wedding i do not own any equipment and she is only paying me a 100 dollars to do it(keep in mind it a relative) i know i should get pro level stuff as in i was looking but i cannot aford a 2-3k camera right now and she isnt covering the cost of a camera. so im doing it with the next best thing. but i am getting a good cut to photograph the wedding for her. but still there is no way i can come up with 3000 dollars in a month right now
Oh so your not really planning to get into it professionally, just basically doing this because she cant get anyone else. If that's the case that's a bit different. I still wouldnt go with that sony, but a 400-600 dollar sony or canon (or a host of other brands) should serve reasonably well.
yea i mean later on i want to start doing professional level videographing i mean my partner is great at it but we dont have the funds for gear so we are not pursueing it yet.. i will take a look thank you for the tips.
I wouldnt go with something thats blue, just because YOU like blue. But its for a reletive, so its not the most important thing. I would recomend getting a lower end profesional video camera, try finding a used one.
HD recording (3CCD's would give you the best image quality) would be nice.

Going with Black or White would look more professional. This: Canon | GL2 Mini DV 3CCD Camcorder | 7920A001 | B&H Photo Video is a rather cheap, reletively small camera with pretty darn good image quality. If you find the money for it.....
It also has a lot of manual controlls, something a lot of cameras dont have.
Why not rent a high end camera for the wedding and then buy what you want for yourself after?
Well if you plan on doing it in the future, why pay twice? You buy a $300 video camera now and six months later you decide hey I want to try and do more weddings, well I hope people wont be happy with the quality of a $300 cheap video camera. You want to invest in a Canon GL2 or Canon XL 2. I personally own a Canon XL 2 and its the more amazing standard def video camera Ive ever seen.

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