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Jan 29, 2012
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I am an absolut beginner in photography and intend to purchase a camera in the 500 $ range.
At the present time I have a Olympus Digital camera but it does not what I intend to do.

1) As I visit zoos and like taking pictures in the wild I want a camera with a good,effective zoom.
It should be possible to take a picture from 60 to 70 feet and allowing to see the face of
an animal in sharp details.

2) My Olympus Gigital camera bothers me as it takes to long to take a picture.Ideally I want
to be able to just click and the picture is taken.

Can anyone suggest what I should buy to achieve my goals.The choice seems to be immense
and confusing,therfore I appreciate your suggestions.

You're right, the choices are immense. The problem you mentioned with your Olympus is most likely the auto-focus delay; common to all digital cameras, but worse on the P&S style. Do you mind buying used? Do you mind something the size of an SLR? I would suggest searching Craig's List and other used sale boards for something like a used Nikon D3100, Rebel T2i, or equivalent. That, with a 55-200mm zoom will do a good job for zoo pictures. If you're also interested in everyday family shots, etc, than consider also looking for a 18-55mm lens. You should be able to find that for <$500 without too much trouble.

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