Need an introduction to composition book, suggestions?


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Nov 15, 2011
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As the title states I need an introduction to composition book.

I just finished up the following books:
1. Nikon D3100 for Dummies
2. Digital Photography 1,2 and 3 by Scott Kelby
3. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson

For you newcomers the Kelby and Peterson books are a must! Super easy to read and understand while being entertaining. They are not dry like most informational books I have read.

They Digital Photography books touched a little on composition and I would like to advance my knowledge in that area now. I dont have any artistic training so having something with more of a beginner feel will be helpful.
"The Photographers Eye"
"Leaning to See Creatively"
"Why Photographs Work"
"The Photographers Vision"

There are tons of books if you search "photographic composition" on Amazon.Com

Read as many as you can to gain as many viewpoints as you can.
Study design as well.
Excellent thanks all for the quick responses! Going to try and pick up at least one of these today.

Thanks Mleek websites work too =)
the books Bitter has suggested are very good. You can always check on basic art composition books at the dollar store, or older film books. THey don't have to have the word digital in the title. Good composition is good composition regardless of the media

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