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Jan 9, 2012
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Looking for some feedback..

A pleasant shot with nice tonal range. I would have cropped the top a bit. It also would be better if there were a figure or dog maybe somewhere in the pic. Only my opinion.
It feels incomplete to me. I agree that something in the bottom right corner would help to balance the image. Otherwise I feel like I really need to see the rest of the barn.
Like everyone else has said so far, I agree that something is missing in the photo, and the top of the photo should be cropped just a little. In my opinion I would said that the contrast on the black and white should be a little more. Other than that great concept.
There is much more detail and contrast in the barn than anywhere else, so I find the sky, trees and ground to be just distractions from the real image. Of course you have to include little of these, but I would crop tighter. This is a subject that demands closer shots of its parts. If you can go back, get closer and get more detail.

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