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Jan 14, 2008
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I'm in the market for purchasing a good digital camera to help me build my portfolio. In about a year I will be applying to various art schools and I hope to major in Fine Arts Photography or Photojournalism so I need to build up my portfolio. I feel that the photography I have done so far is good but if I plan to pursue this I need to upgrade from the rather conventional digital camera I have now. I am looking to shoot a variety of things from portraits to scenery, so I would like a camera that is good or at least decent in most fields. I have about 500 dollars to spend at the moment although I would prefer not to use all of it. Thank you in advance for your responses. - Igor S
In any photography course you take now, you'll be using a DSLR. Rebel XT or a Pentax K100D or something, should fit the bill. Maybe a Nikon D50 if you can still find one.
So something like the Canon Digital Rebel XT would be good for my needs?
That would definitely work.
So something like the Canon Digital Rebel XT would be good for my needs?

No, it doesn't have a spot meter. If you are going to do Fine Arts a spot meter is one Very handy thing to have.

In a perfect world, I'd say to get a Graflex Speed Graphic 4"X5" and shoot a lot of B&W for a year (you can easily develop and print B&W yourself) because what you would learn using the tilts and shifts along with exposure would do you a huge service!

Look here...

BTW, the Graflex doesn't have a spot meter either but you can get a hand held one (you should anyway if you are serious about Photography)
I ended up going for a Nikon D40, I found a good deal on it at a local camera store and I'm satisfied with the purchase, thank you for the help though

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