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Aug 18, 2013
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Hey there :)

First of all, I'm an absolute beginner when it comes to photography. The only cameras I ever used were cheap compact cameras and some film cameras my school provided.
But now I am preparing for a really long backpacking trip and I need a compact camera that will capture all those yet-to-come memories.
My problem is that I know what I want, but not what to look for.

Basically it should be able to film HD-Videos, take good pictures and fit into my backpack. Now, to be clear, I don't want the photos to have a resolution so high that I could print wallpapers from them,
but I really care about the colours. When I tried to take pictures of the indian summer a couple years ago, my dad's cheap sh**ty camera turned the red and yellow to a lame grey-ish brown :thumbdown: Maybe it also had to do
with my skill level though :wink:

As you may notice, I really have no knowledge about cameras :blushing:
Any advice on what may meet my expectations?

Thank you, kirebatti :)

Actually I am also looking for a camera, and don't know much about them. But as I am doing my research I came across Pentax K-30. I don't know your budget. But I have heard good things about it. The one BIG advantage of this camera is that it is weather-resistant, and is very tough! which will be a great advantage as you will be traveling.
you can check out its review here: Pentax K-30 Review | PhotographyBLOG

Check out this video:

Other than these you have not much expensive DSLRs like: Nikon D5100, D3200 or D3100. I have heard that Nikon D3100 might be the best entry level DSLR. I also found Canon EOS 600D very interesting. But it really depends on you what you need and how you feel the camera in your hand.

Again, I am just doing my own research, and thought this might help you. And at this point my research is limited to DSLRs, so thats why I am referring them. Don't know much about compact cameras. Hope others give their opinion too.

Best of luck, and enjoy your trip :D
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You don't need a DSLR for travel. Consider micro four thirds, olympus or panasonic. For example, E-PL5.
However, if you do want a DSLR Canon makes the SL1. The smallest DSLR.
Hi Kirebatti - you will probably save yourself a lot of trouble and money if you do just a little reading in order to give yourself a clearer idea of what kind of camera you need.

Right now, your question is so open-ended that any camera from a 115€ Samsung WB150 to a 2723€ Leica Vario X meets your criteria of "compact" with "good colors".

A quick read-through of a basic book on photography, such as Der große Fotokurs: Besser fotografieren lernen (19.90€ at will help you to frame your question a little better (e.g., interchangeable lenses or fixed? viewfinder or LCD-only? manual control or fully automatic?).

To give you realistic advice, it would also be helpful for us to know your budget. 300€? 500€? 1000€? Are you willing to buy refurbished? Used?

Hope this is helpful,

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These threads always bring a large array of replies all the way from DSLR through mirrorless to bridge cameras and point and shoot.
You are going to have hard time to decide what is good for you!!!
So good luck with that.

My suggestion is to go with my favorite compact size camera and that's the Canon G15
Its a camera made for photography fans in small size.
It produces amazing pictures and lets you decide how much control you want to use it.
From full auto like any basic point and shoot up to full manual which is perfect for photography fans.
Its lens is fantastic lets you bring into the camera a lot of light what we call very fast lens.

I own this camera, most of the time my wife uses it on full automate and she absolutely loves the camera, she uses it a lot for video taking and of course pictures, I will use it in small family gathering when I don't feel like "schlepping" my Nikon DSLR.

Here is some basic info

Canon U.S.A. : Consumer & Home Office : PowerShot G15

For a quick review of the camera watch this clip

Again its important for me to say that while it has a lot of dials for those who love photography if you want to use it like a regular point and shoot all you need to do is put it on AUTO mode and the camera will do all the work for you, my wife knows nothing about photography except press the shutter release button and she loves this camera, on the other hand when I use it I put it either on Aperture mode or Manual mode and work it like my DSLR so this camera will actually let you learn how to use a "real" camera (if you want of course).
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