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Jun 11, 2006
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Hi All
I came across this site through google search. I bought these items at an estate sale and need help identifying them.

1. Canon A35F - I got some info about this and this one works.
2. Canon Speedlite 244T Flash. This came with the camera but looks like I the A35F camera does not take an external flash
3. Tosner Lens
100597 - toshiba photo prod co - made in japan
1:3:5 f = 200mm
Tosner MC
I am unable to find info on the Tosner lens.

1. Can someone suggest any camera that will take the Tosner Lens + Canon Speedlite. Will the Tosner lens work with any SLR camera or only a particular model.
2. Approximate value of these items.
3. Any other info you can provide on these items.

As you can see, I am a novice. Thanks in advance.
Hello seafrog. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the proper thread.:)

The Tosner lenses, to the best of my recollection, have interchangeable mounts, pretty much like the Tamron lenses. If that's the case then, you could look for a mount of your choice (E-bay comes to mind).

The Canon A35F is one of the most underrated RF cameras and is a good performer. As for selling value, it's not worth that much. A recent E-bay transaction went for a silly amount of $5.00:


As for the flash, I don't think it'll bring any more than $10.00 to you. Another recent Ebay sale did not complete and it was listed at $19.95:


Of course, we can't always judge value by consulting the Ebay site but let the truth be told, there's not much need for these cameras/flashes nowadays. You'll be lucky if you get $20.00 for the camera and the flash.

If you think about using the flash on a camera I would suggest a Canon T50. They're cheap and perform just ok. Maybe you can find a Canon lens mount adapter for the Tosner. Then again, you might be better off just getting a new(used) set of camera/lens/flash. Just a thought...;)
Hi Mitica100
Thanks a lot for the reply.

Quick Intro
Newbie to photography. I am planning on taking beginner class at a local community college. Computer geek :) from folsom, CA.

I bought these items from an estate sale and it looks like the previous owner had bought the flash and lens as an add-on to the A35F. This is surprising as the A35F does not take an external flash and lens.

I took the camera to a store and replaced batteries and took some pictures of my Yamaha Vmax motorcycle. Let us see how to pictures develop.

Thanks again for the reply. I really appreciate it.

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