need help on a new lens!


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Dec 11, 2008
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I just have a D40 and 18-25mm lens, but I need a better lens! I need something that has a really good zoom. Maybe not the best most expensive thing out there, but I do some shoots for friends(family pics, kids, engagements, etc.) and my 18-25mm isn't cutting it... Any help? What'd be good?

Ummm... 18-25? Do you mean 18-55? At any rate, what isn't good about it, and what is a "really good" zoom to you? As with any lens topic, the first question is always budget. You could look to the 18-70mm D70 kit lens, readily available used for <$300, and without a doubt one of the best kit lenses ever.
Zoom lens = lens with variable focal length.

Did you want a zoom lens with a longer focal length (ie 70-300mm) ?
or just a better quality zoom lens to replace your wide angle zoom ?
yes i meant 18-55. typo- my bad. my budget right now would probable be around $300 tops...
how bout a sigma [ame=""]70-300mm[/ame] or a [ame=""]nikkor 70-300mm (w/o VR though)[/ame]?

then get the new [ame=""]nikkor 35mm[/ame] ?

its what id get for my d60 if i haz teh money :D

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