Need Help Quick!!! D40 or XT?


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Sep 3, 2007
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Hey guys,

so looking on internet for boxing day sales, and at my local futureshop they have a Canon XT with the 18-55mm lens, for the great price of $399... Now, instead of that I would probably get the D40, but it isn't on sale, and is -$539. What I really want to know is which one is:

1. better-spec wise

2. futureproof- meaning features, technology, If I would have to buy another camera to get different pro functions, etc.

So, I really need replies quickly, and thanks in advance.

Merry Christmas!
They look pretty similar to me :confused:

Any other opoinons that could help me decide? If I did get the XT I would be saving $200 as opposed to the D40.
i went with the Rebel XT. As a newbie i knew for my first camera id be happy with either. If you can pick the two of them up and see if the d40 is $200 better than the XT.
The XT is better if for nothing else than the ability to auto-focus without special lenses. If you go with the Nikon you're severely limiting your lens options.
So, is the D40 actually $200 better than the XT? and is the Xt manual to focus or auto focus?
So, is the D40 actually $200 better than the XT? and is the Xt manual to focus or auto focus?
My opinion is that the D40 is not worth spending the extra $200. However, there are many here on this forum who love their D40s and take beautiful pictures. Myself, I own a canon xti and love it!

As for the focus question, the xt has more auto focus lenses to choose from.
.. Ok, I need some D40 owners to post thier experiences with the camera. That would help extremely.
The XT is a better buy I would say. I like Nikon just as much as I like Canon, but I went for the XT because if I want pro Canon lenses I can buy em and they'll autofocus. If I wanted to do the same with the D40, I wouldn't have the option of autofocus.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh, and 200 bucks more? In that's even more tipped in the XT's favour.
Most lenses can autofocus and manual focus (unless stated manual focus only)

The D40 has the problem that it can only auto focus with AF-S and AF-I lenses, if they aren't either of those 2 you have to manual focus.

I'm sure youll like either of them, but if your saving 200$ def go for the XT
Manual focus has been around for a long, long time. Autofocus is not a prerequisite for taking beautiful pictures.

Hold each one of them in your hands. Which one feels better? You will upgrade the body eventually with either. Look at the long term investment of lenses.

I had a Canon SLR with only two lenses, but changed to Nikon when I went digital and now have nine (Nikkors). The choice was right for me, but your choice is yours to make.

Good luck.
I went to the store yesterday and held the D40. It felt solid, and fit well in my hands, it just felt right.

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