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Oct 21, 2007
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Orlando, FL
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Okay, I bought a Nikon D300 with a 18-200 VR lens. This lens is fine for most of what I do but I want to get a LONG zoom lens but the problem is that I have about $1500 or less to spend AND it needs to be sharp. This lens will only be used outdoors for shooting wildlife, with the occasional late afternoon.

Thank you in advance for your time!
Wow that looks really good! I guess I missed it because I was looking on Ritz's site and they have it listed for $1699!!!!
I have the 80-400 VR and, love it. You might try going to B&H for that lense. They are very reputable as is adorama.
Yeah I will probably go to BH for all my photo needs. Do you have any pictures from you lens at the 400mm so I can see how sharp it is?
Sure here is one.
For a full sized resolution.

Its a tad soft but it looks really good. Do you know what aperture you were using?
No offense N'Kolor, but that image is not "a tad soft" (keeping in mind that it is shrunk to a small percentage of what the actual picture is). That picture shows excellent resolution. Dude, this is a 400mm lens here.

You are talking about a LONG lens here, not a wide angle, these are different critters entirely... they act differently, they shoot differently, etc.

I have seen what images from "a tad soft" 400mm lens looks like, and that ain't it... I spend a LOT of my time shooting long, and have used lenses that are everything from astoundingly good to absolutely awful.

If that isn't sharp enough for you, then you are prime-only, and your $1500 ain't going to begin to touch what a 400mm sharp prime runs.

Are there sharper? I am sure there are. For $1500 that will fit on your Nikon? No way.
Sorry, um, my mistake...I guess I should let the image load fully before I close and post. You are right, this is a great shot. Looks like I have found my lens and it fits the bill.

Well the light was soft at that time of the morning here. ISO 400 f/6.3 for that one. This one is at ISO 800 f/8. It isnt so soft. Second is a hand held shot. Also remember that you snesor is cropped so in reality this is a 600mm lense in 35mm equivalent.
I have no idea what aperture he was shooting, but it was fairly wide open (notice the shallow depth of field) and he was shooting at the long end, bet ya dollars to doughnuts it was 400mm... so wide open (or nearly so) at full range on the lens, that is pretty doggone good for a $1500 lens if you ask me.
Ah, he answered before my previous reply... pretty good guess.

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