Need help with my pictures and camera advice, I'm a beginner.


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Sep 6, 2010
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Hi guys,

I am have a lot of trouble taking sharp pictures with my camera. First off, I live in a place which has terrible lighting. I am using a Nikon D60 with the 18-55 lens that it came with. I have tried using a lot of different set ups but my pictures still come out terrible. I tried using a one, and two SB-600's for extra lighting. I have also used flash diffusers so the light isn't as harsh. I have also tried placing the flash in all different types of positions and using a tripod.

Since I don't have much skill in cameras, should I stick with a regular point and shoot? I am using this camera only for shooting clothing for ebay.

This is the pictures, please give advice to help my situation.


You realize that the a D60 and multiple speedlights is far from "sticking with a point and shoot" right?
yes, I know there is a huge difference but I figured something less technical could be a solution.
Retreating to a P&S camera is not the answer, unless you don't really want your products to look their best.

Actually, your solution will only partially be found in camera equipment, much more so it will be found in learning to do product photography, and good product photography takes some effort to learn tol do well.

I noted the shirt isn't pressed or buttoned. I would also stuff some tissue paper in the sleeves to fill them out.

The background needs more light (real or post process) and the shirt needs to be further from the background. As it is now, the tonal value of the background (gray) is to close to the tonal value of the shirt.

I'm not liking the density of the shadows on the inside of the sleeves, and under the collar. More, and softer, light is needed on the front of the shirt.

Softer light comes from making the light source appear larger than it nreally is, like when shoot through umbrellas are place just outside the image frame. Diffusers waste a lot of speedlight power, and umbrellas are cheap. Impact 45" Convertible Umbrella UBBW45 - B&H Photo Video

Sharpness is a function of using the lens you have in it's 'sweet spot' which at 55 mm will be at about f/8, using a good steady tripod, a remote wireless release (Nikon ML-L3, about $15), and good post process sharpening.
Two small tips that will make your life much easier:

Use a tripod
Use a remote, and if you don't have a remote, set your self-timer to 2 seconds and shoot that way.

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