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Dec 26, 2011
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k well this is going to sound dumb but....

Whenever i hook my camera (ge x500) up to the computer it says connection failed. any tips on how to fix this? i have tryed switching ports un hooking it then re hooking it ive tried taking the batteries out and ive taken the memory card out and re inserted it... i cant get it fixed! and i can look at the pictures on the camera... my computer is custom and i dont know all of the specs... i REALLY dont want to have to re format it because i have some really good pictures on it...
Get a card reader. They work faster than a USB connection anyways.
i would prefer not to... anyother suggestions... i mean if that is the only wat then ok i will do it but like if i were to take it to my friends house or somewhere and didnt have it then i would be screwed...

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