Need ideas for posing a group of 6!


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Feb 21, 2007
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Hello all!

Just wondered if anyone had any ideas or examples for posing a group of six - I will be photography a grandma and grandpa, two married couples and their children - a six month old and a seven month old at their home this weekend.

How can I pose them that will look good?

Thanks for ANY and ALL input! :lol:
Classic poses for groups are in an M or W configuration, so stand two and seat four or the other way around, also best to have the smaller ones stood and tallest seated this creates heads not too far apart between the two. H
Try a few poses that aren't typical JCPenney family poses where they are all squished together. If you have the space, try grouping each of the sets together with some sitting and some standing with a little gap between them to show who goes to who. The babies can be held by their mothers or fathers.

yea maybe put the hand of the father or mother on their kids? i dunno its really up to you. It will probably be easier when you have them right in front of you. good luck.
One simple idea for you:

Father and mother (grandparents?), sitting in chairs that are angled slightly to the right from the camera. 3 boys standing behind their parents but turned 45 degrees to the right with arms folded and all looking at the camera. You could easily add 1-2 people in there.

Whenever you get more than 1 row of people in any portrait, TRIPLE check your lighting. It is very easy to have shadows where you do not want them or have someone in a position that puts them in a poorly lit angle. Smaller apertures (numerically higher numbers) work best. Umbrella lit lighting gives better results than softboxes here due to amount and width of light needed to get many people properly exposed in one larger area.
Thanks! yeah I plan on bringing my studio lights and umbrellas. I'm actually meeting with the mother tonight at her house for a consultation,so I'll have a better idea of where we're shooting. I'll keep you updated!
Awesome. Looking forward to hearing how this all turns out for you.

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