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Feb 1, 2006
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Im not allowed to drive to the shows anymore, but i am getting bored. You can only force your opinions on people only so many times before they start wanting to hang you up by your thumbs... so I have decided to try my hand at note cards on ebay.

I thought maybe I would go retro with the kinds of things on the alternate thread. Here is my question. Envelopes or seals

If it is a folded card, then I say: envelopes.
Folded cards and only seals don't go well together --- that is my opinion.
Ditto LaFoto, seals look a bit cheap and tacky so you could probably get more money with envelopes as well, only a few pence but it all adds up...
I agree - envelopes for the cards. It also not only protects the card better, but adds a small bit of flourish to the card's recipient . :D
Hello MysteryScribe....:D

I also agree with the majority. Especially considering they are folded cards and some senders may want to insert additional things in the card like a photo or something. Hopefully a check if they send one to me.....:lol:

I tinker with creating silly greeting cards from time to time and for what ever it is worth, I purchase my bulk envelope requirements from Action Envelope Co. - link below. They seem to be pretty reasonable.

Hope that'll help to one degree or another...:blushing:

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