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Need Some help/advice


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Oct 20, 2015
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East Coast, USA
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I need some help, I had a brain hemmorage on my brain stem 2 years and 2 months ago. For quit a few years before the injury happened I dabbled in quit a bit of photo taking, practicing shooting anything and everything, learning about my camera and settings, playing with defusers, learning about light etc. I have always had a strong liking for still life. This is not a job for me, just a hobby.
Anyways, it's been over 2 years and I'm still not driving so going out and shooting lots of things I cannot do. I also have some left side coordination issues and weakness which mentally has been preventing me from playing with the expensive equipment. I'm afraid I will drop it. After thinking I decided it's time for me to pick something and go all the way with it. I was thinking portrait (indoors) I have always had a big liking for it and since I can't really leave the house, why not play with portraits. I practiced with it before and tourtered my fur kids as my models lol. I know I grew out of the lighting I was using before, which was Home Depot stuff but using that stuff, I learned a lot. I'm past that now, I need better stuff to grow and move forward. The only thing is, I was thinking continues (sp) light as I can't run back and fourth. I still have dizziness going on which prevents me from moving to much around or driving. Anyways, I was looking at the Spider light continues (sp) td 6 it is the shallow soft box 36x48 I think as I thought that would be easier for me in my current situation. I do have 2 strobes that have not been used, I purchased the poor things before the injury and have never used them. They are just sitting in a closet. I think I should just leave them alone for a bit. Also I do have the nifty fifty lol.. That's to big for the inside of my house. I could really use a recommendation on a lense as well. I also signed up on Kelbyone.com because again I'm not driving so if anyone has any advice for me with on line stuff that would be great. I will strongly appreciate any and all the help and advice I get.
I have the Nikon D200
First, congratulations on getting yourself back together a bit after what must have been an incredibly difficult time.

Second, if you don't mind working with older AI lenses, that will probably not be automatic on your camera, I have an old Nikkor 28-70, super-lentar 21mm, and Soligor 70-210 (all that were used with a Nikon 2006 film body).

If someone verifies that they will fit on your D200 (as I think they will), just send me your mailing address and email by PM and they're yours.

Window light was good enough for Rembrandt, so it's probably good enough for you! ;) Seriously, if you have a big (ideally south-facing) window, you can do a lot with that, and maybe a reflector, which doesn't have to be anything more than a large piece of white posterboard or Coroplast. If you want to get into light, but are concerned about moving, one option might be speedlights and RF triggers, such as the Yongnuo YN-622N. This will cost you a few hundred dollars to get set up, but will allow you remotely control your speedlights. You can do great 1-2 person portraits with two speedlights!
Continuous lighting (Home Depot shop lights) will work o.k. with still life. They do add lots of heat to the room, though.

For portraiture of humans or fur kids you need a faster shutter speed, so in that case I would recommend electronic strobe (studio strobes preferably).

It seems to me that your 28-70 should work for both types.
Lew, thank you so so much Tiredion, thank you so much for the reminder. I remember doing that before and I have reflectors and the boards still. I'm going to look up and read all about the speed lights you suggested, thanks so much! Designer, yes I was thinking of movement. Makes Thinking more challenging. I'm going to read about studio strobes as well.
It's all fun

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