Need some SD card advice please!


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May 19, 2010
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HNL, Hawaii
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Hey everyone!
I need some advice on SD Cards for my Canon T2i.. I'll be going on a trip to Japan (for 3 weeks) in about a week so I was wondering what kinds of cheap SD cards you guys would recommend for the trip :D I'll be taking a Sigma 17-70 mm DC Macro OS HSM, 18-55mm + opteka fish eye lens attachment (do you think this is too much ><?).. I'm kinda looking for cards less than $50 and probably 8GB+ I'm thinking of getting 2 cards one for video and one for pictures only
well you have to have a fast recording card for the video on the t2i I have a lexar one that was pretty cheap and when i have used it to take video it can record for as long as i need but usally thats only like 30 seconds to a minute, but if you are shooting raw u need a fast card or it wont keep up.
The speed of the memory card is usually not the camera to card write speed limiter. It's usually the camera's buffer performance.

The card speed can have a significant effect on the speed images can be uploaded to the computer.

If you want to check card speeds issues visit: Rob Galbraith DPI: CF/SD Performance Database

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