Need to replace my Tamron 70-300 di...Had questions on their 28-300mm


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Sep 12, 2007
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I had a Tamron 70-300mm Di lens that worked perfect for me for all shots but did very well from 200-300 for a budget lens. (less than $100 used or $150 new)...However, it was dropped.
Anyway, I was also drawn by the Tamron 28-300mm lens due to the large spectrum it offers. However, I can't really seem to find any reviews directly address the 200-300mm range which is what I'm most concerned at. I would probably carry this instead of my 18-55 canon along with my canon 55-250 which is a superior lens.

I'm worried in spending more because I know what to expect out of the 70-300...

Can anyone help out?

What is the big difference you are getting from the 70-200 from your 55-250 which should be a better/sharper lens?
The all in one zooms are soft at each end of the zoom and are a compromise in IQ because they have to work across the whole zoom. It's a great walk about lens, but if you're looking at great, sharp quality its not going to be there.
I'd be getting a lens that I could use 28-55 and up to 300 that my canon can't do. As far as the 70-300 I had, it worked great from 200-300 for what my needs are. Just found myself changing lenses pretty frequently.
There are no ALL IN ONE lenses that are going to be high image quality. When the lens elements have to work together over that LOOOONG range of the zoom they have to compromise.
What do you require in sharpness and quality? I can't imagine it's much considering you were happy with that Tamron 70-300. You might actually like it.
If you are wanting quality-you change lenses. It's the compromise you have to give up to get better quality.

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