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Nov 14, 2011
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Grandville, MI
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I currently have a Western Digital My Book World 1TB networked hard drive that decided that it no longer wants the be accessed via computer. When I try I get this error

Any idea what's going on here? I tried from several computers, all give me the same sort of message. Now it's interesting to note that the music files can be seen by media player (some will even play) and our blue ray player can see the picture files (and will display some on the TV) so I don't think the drive crashed, maybe some corrupt files?
Is there some sort of back-up software installed/running on this drive? The "not enough resources" makes me curious. Have you tried accessing this on another OS?
Our computers run the gauntlet of MS OS...XP (old desk top), Vista (old laptop), Win 7 and Win 10. All get similar errors.
Earlier today our tablet (android) could see the drive and pull up the photos OK, just checked and it no longer sees it.
Can still see the photos and play music via our blue ray I know they are still there (big sigh of relief!)
Yeah, may be seeking professional help tomorrow.
Right click on program and select run as administrator. If that works (it should), do what you need to do and close it. Then you will need to set the permissions again.

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Unfortunately the computers think it's disconnected so I can't even get into it. A big red X next to the drive. Though my tablet is now able to see the drive and to keep the wife happy, I'm now transferring a bunch of family photos from this year to the tablet (last back up was the end of 2014...was going to back up stuff today which brought up the issue).

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