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Nov 25, 2007
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Hello! I am looking into buying a new camera. Right now I use a point and shoot, Cannon A520. I would like to get a DSLR. I have no idea where to begin and what to look for. I would like a camera that shoots faster and is very steady. I've always loved taking pictures. Recently though I've been taking more "professional" looking pictures of my children and friends have expressed an interest in me taking their children's pictures. I have no interest in getting into a "business" of this yet, however, it might be something I would be interested in doing in the future. So for now, I would like to invest in a new camera. I would like not to spend more than $1000. Because I will be taking pictures of children, mostly outside while they are doing "their thing", which is mostly running and playing, I need a camera that is good with moving children. :) Thank you so much!!
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Any of the entry level DSLR cameras should fit your needs very well. Look at the Canon Rebel XTi, the Nikon D40, or something from Pentax or Sony etc. Find a store and get your hands on them, one might feel better than the others to you.

One of the best features of these cameras is that the lenses are interchangeable. The lenses that usually come with the cameras, aren't the best...but they are cheap. You could get lenses that are better suited to shooting portraits or running children.

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