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Jul 12, 2013
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Hey people

Just bought a Nikon d3100 and to be honest, I dont know anything about it or photography. I went out for a day and took 100's of photos using many different settings. Dont know how to properly adjust white balance etc.
Thats why I came here to learn and ask for help!

I want to upload photos so that you guys can tell me how to capture a better photo and for tips etc.
I tried to upload photos but an orange exclamation mark is showing up beside the file name. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
I think your file is too large, try compressing it a bit
A forum isn't a great place to learn the entire craft of photography. Try books, videos, classes and practice. Forums are slow and you need professional advice.
I agree with hirejn, read some books or some articles on the internet. If you have any friends who are into photography, ask them questions, im sure they'll help. I was in your shoes 2 years ago and I taught myself everything and with the help from reading and my friends. Now im sitting here with a full frame 5D and a bunch of lenses and a pretty good portfolio of work. You'll get there, just need to learn a bit.
Play with what interests you.
Some here seem to have a love for cars; others, aeroplanes (I can understand the latter).
For me, street photography hits the spot.
I think your file is too large, try compressing it a bit

My internet is painfully slow so very high quality images takes an age to upload.
Try setting the camera down a notch and see what the file sizes look like.

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