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Oct 7, 2007
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Hey everyone! It's been a while, lol.
I might be getting a new camera soon, I would like something:
-with a focus/zoom ring
-at least 12X zoom
-at least 6mp
-under $550CAD

I've looked at the Nikon D40, and it seemed a bit expensive, and when I looked it up, apparently the zoom isn't very good compared to my current camera's (a canon powershot s3 is). I found the Panasonic DMC-FZ50, and it looks like a great camera, but I've never had a panasonic, and theere aren't many retailers in Canada. What do you think of the panasonic, and do you know any retailers in Canada? Also, if you have any other suggestions, let me know! :D
Firstly, there is a big difference between a digital SLR camera like the D40 (or Canon Rebel XTi for example)...and most other digital cameras. The cheaper cameras (I call them Digi-cams) have rather small image sensors (the part that acts like film). DSLR cameras have much larger sensors which gives them the ability to give you much better image quality.
Also, DLSR cameras have interchangeable lenses. So even though the lens that it comes with, may only be can buy other lenses to use with the camera. Sure that is an added expense...but the quality of most SLR lenses is far and away better than the built-in lens on a digi-cam. And with a digi-cam, the lens you have is what you are stuck with.
Another factor is the resale value. A digi-cam will loose most or all of it's resale value in a year or two. A DSLR will hold it's value much longer and the lenses will hold their value much longer still.

I know that it's easy for me to tell you "just spend more money"...but for around $600, you can get a camera that is 10 times better than a camera that is $350.

All that being said, a DSLR isn't right for everybody. What do you want that your S3IS isn't doing for you?
I'd suggest you do a little more reading about SLR cameras. They're not like point and shoot cameras. For that price, I'd suggest the Canon Rebel XTi. You do know you can change the lenses on SLR cameras and you can have whatever zoom you want right? Most SLR's come with a 18-55mm zoom lens. I don't know what that compares to as far as 12x zoom. If you're just wanting to snap pictures, then maybe you'd be interested in an advanced point and shoot like a Canon S5IS or a Sony DCR-H9. Both are excellent cameras and have at least 12x zoom. They don't have a zoom ring though. You'll need an SLR for that.
Thanks for the replies, the only reason that I may be getting a new camera is because my dad needs one, and he said that if mine works for what he's doing, he might buy me a new camera, and keep mine. I love my canon, but I have a major issue with the focusing. I like taking macro shots, and the focus on the canon (either auto or manual) is REALLY hard to work with. I don't really want to spend the money for the lenses on an SLR at this point, which is why I've been looking at SLR-like cameras. I also need the zoom because a lot of the time my subjects will be far away. Another thing that I like about the panasonic, is that you can get lenses for it (telephoto and wide angle). There isn't a lot of choice, but I probably wouldn't get the lenses anyway.
Here's a link to the panasonic:
That looks like a pretty good camera (digi-cam). I might also consider the newer version of your camera, the Canon S5IS.

If you can, I would suggest going into a store and trying out the different models. You may find that one feels better in your hands.
Ok, thanks.

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