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Oct 26, 2006
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South Carolina USA
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I would like to travel to New England (Vermont, New Hampshire) mainly to get the fall leaves but am open to any other suggestions. Since me and my girlfriend would be going hopefully, we would have to stay within the school schedule and would only be able to travel Thursday night into friday morning and have that weekend.

I would hate to travel all that way only to have a partial Friday to a Sunday to shoot and spend time up there. Can it be done.

Are there any exceptional places to shoot up there. I might stay around Pennsylvania and around that area, even though I have heard the leaves are exceptional in Vermont. I would be driving from upstate South Carolina.

Any suggestions?

New England is magical in the winter when snow sparkles on evergreens, children are rosy-cheeked and icicles dangle from roof lines. Enjoy these pictures of winter in New England.

Although Vermont and New Hampshire are the best known (and most crowded) areas for Fall foliage, the same types of vistas can be seen throughout the mountains of New Your State, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia and into North Carolina.
The mountains through these states have the same types of trees but they tyically turn later than the more Northern Vermon, Maine, Massachusettes, and New Hampshire. And because these states don't advertise the colors as much as their Northern bretheren, the roads and inns are MUCH less corwded...adding to the viewing enjoyment!
If you time things right, you can actually make the colors last for almost two months by "following the Fall" South each year!

here is a good website that can be helpful.
Thank you for the link. Now that you mention winter, that might be neat as wekk and I might be able to stay longer since I would have Christmas break.

I have very often wanted to do the same thing great info. Keep thinking about maybe a greyhound trip maybe a two week pass I see from time to time. Hope you have lots of fun
Greyhound would be nice and inexpensive. I would have to rent a car though so I could make my way around New England.

Id much rather drive myself.

Near Manchester, Vermont is Equinox Mountain. It commands an amazing view of the Vermont countryside, and in the Fall, it's spectacular. My grandparents lived between Manchester and Arlington and a trip to their place in the Fall was just incredible. Lots of inns and bed & breakfasts in the area.
I might be considering going in the winter so I can make the most out of such a long drive. Like I said, I just want to get away from the Smokey Mountains. Not that they aren't good, I just want a different view. How passable would winter be in Vermont. I know they get pretty bad in New York. I wouldn't want to get up there to be snow blocked in.

Well, the area I talked about is pretty rural. It's not like there's fleets of snowplows standing at the ready. I remember a terrific blizzard there on Thanksgiving and it was a day or so before we saw the first plow hit Sunderland Rd.
I might just have to play it by ear and see which one I want to do. I will have to watch the weather. It's so unpredictable, though.

I don't know much about the industrial ruins but on a quick search, there seems to be plenty.


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