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Discussion in 'Critique Forum Archives' started by Je-C, Apr 15, 2005.

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    Infant, color roll:

    Infant, B&W roll:

    Family hands, B&W roll:

    Hopefully the links work, but please give me advise for next time. For the Family hands, I understand his thumb is cut off. I'm still getting used to my viewfinder. I may go into Photoshop later to clean the man's thumb and remove the scratch on the woman's hand. Speaking of hands, I know it's a touch blurry. Please let me know how I can improve next time. Thanks!

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    You colour baby photo is really cute. But it's a bit dark on my computer, might be my screen. I want to see the baby's face - they're always so cute and squishy. The B&W one brings out the details a lot more but there's still a big shadow over his eye.

    The last one with the hands is my favourite. I agree with the comments you made about the thumb being out of the shot and the fuzziness. The idea is excellent and I love it, but it looks like the man's hand isn't really doing anything... like it's just in the shot to be there. Maybe if it was doing something like holding the womans hand aswell.

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