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Dec 4, 2014
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I'm hoping to have a backyard bird studio soon. I just purchased the Squirrel Buster Standard. It seems to be a well built feeder. It sure is a popular place to be!!

Titmouse and Chickadees

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Nice 1st shot. I hope you get some good shots!
Nice but in the first photo the right bird is blured!
Nice but in the first photo the right bird is blured!

That is true! That is how motion is conveyed in a still photograph.
Nice set. That looks like the hasseblad of bird feeders.
nice, hope it works out well for you... nice set..

Nice but in the first photo the right bird is blured!

not trying to be rude here but i see you throwing in your 2 cents all over the place lately, its not bad the critique peoples stuff but some of the things you mention are really not worth mentioning. for example one photo that was posted had some noise, that is gonna happen if your lighting is not great. the photo i am referring too had a completely acceptable amount of noise. it was really nothing to speak of and not worth pointing out. that is just one example..

this photo, the flying bird has some blur, you will have that unless you are using a very fast shutter speed, in some lightning conditions it is not always possible to use a fast shutter speed, or if your camera is set up for shooting still birds and one just happens to fly your gonna get that kind of thing, that does not really ruin the photo, sure it would make for a better photo if all of the motion was stopped but its not always gonna happen. your just kind of stating the obvious, its not constructive criticism that is going to help the photographer.

i do notice one thing about the second photo, the highlights on the perched chickadee are a bit blown out, its still a nice photo but that is something that could be worth mentioning because that could be fixed in a editing program and could possibly make the photo just a little bit better if the highlights on that chickadee were toned down a bit..

i know you just getting into this photography thing and you just trying to be part of the group but you just kind of sound like someone that does not know what they are talking about or someone is being a troll, i do not think you are a troll but you really dont want people to start thinking you are a troll..
i am not trying to give you a hard time, just letting you know. as you can see people are posting things like here we go again and stuff like that to your comment and thats not really a good thing.

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