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Jan 2, 2007
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All-I am a NOVICE in photography and I own a Canon Digital Rebel XT SLR. I want to be able to take indoor pictures of my children, but my home has really poor lighting. I wanted to buy a FLASH that was inexpensive, since I am sure a novice, so are there any Flash's worth purchasing for under $100. In addition, I wanted to buy a multi-purpose (still and camcorder) tri-pod for under $50 as well. I would appreciate your thoughts? Thanks.
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I first recommendation for a flash would be the Canon 430EX. It communicates full with your camera so that you don't have to worry about matching the settings knowing how to calculate flash exposure. It isn't under $100 however.

If you really can't stretch your budget, then maybe have a look at a the SunPak 383. It's an auto flash, so it will measure it's own light...but you have to be sure to match the settings on the camera to those on the flash...because it doesn't communicate with the camera like the Canon unit does.

As long as your gear isn't too heavy, you could just pick up a $30-$50 tripod from any old photo or department store. Don't expect it to be great or last forever, but it's better than nothing.
I bought my 30$ Tripod at Walmart. Can be used for camera/camcorder.
the vivitar 285hv is about $90 new. It is not a ttl metered flash, but it does auto modes that use constant aparature values in combination with distance range. Also you get manual controls is you prefer:)
I went to Wolf Camera and they suggested the following Quantaray flashes: QF30 & PZ40. I realize that neither of these were selected, but I'd be curious to see if anyone has a thought one way or the other on these.
I don't have any experience with Quantaray but it might be a good product. I see that you can get them as 'dedicated' for Canon E-TTL, so it would be able to communicate with the camera.

I still recommend a Canon brand flash but you might be able to save some money with Quantaray.

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