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Sep 8, 2010
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San Francisco, CA
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I recently was able to visit (and meet) my new grandson, and during that time before I had to leave we were able to pull out a light and try to get some nice photos of them. As new parents of course they were exhausted around the clock so it was a challenge not to make it too evident in the photos. I took many but this seemed to be the one that stood out.
Ah, beautiful. I became a grandfather a few months ago and share your joy. A moment wonderfully captured.
Congratulations! Our only (so far) grandchild (granddaughter) turns 2 next month (July). They grow up fast!
Congrats on the grand! I think the peaceful, loving look the mother has says everything! Let’s see what kind of look she has during the Terrible Twos :)
That's a great photo, very nicely captured. And congratulations!
Thank you, ya them two's lol. They've got a little bit of time thankfully.
Well done! So well done that I would have a two prints made and framed, one for a gift to the parents, the other for yourself.

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