New guys attempt at shooting my puppy


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Feb 20, 2012
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Please be gentle. I'm an VERY new at all this. I'm shooting with the Canon T3i and most of my shots are done with the kit lens or 50mm 1.8f II lens. If you have any helpful hints please share them. I've been checking the forum out and reading a lot of comments on other peoples pictures. I'm still learning some of the terms that you guys use some please be blunt.

Well I guess thats enough talking......

I'll post multiple pics. Please tell me what you think of each. I'll keep the number down to about 4 pics




These are the main shots that I am trying to achieve. I do A LOT of out door photo's of the dogs, so I would like THE MOST to be able to improve in this department. I also would like to improve on getting shots of the kids while they are outside playing. Please help with camera set-up for this. Any tips are helpful so please leave comments.

wellll... your exposure is kind of all over the place... some are over-, some are under-exposed. you're shooting mostly in aperture priority and allowing the camera to pick the rest of the settings for you and that can lead to inconsistent exposure. you might not feel comfortable switching to manual yet, but something to think about as you go forward, anyway.

if you're shooting kids and dogs, you're going to want to make sure your shutter speed is relatively high... 1/250-ish. otherwise your focus can look soft. that won't be much of a problem if you're shooting outside with a lot of ambient light, though.

speaking of light, when you're outside, try not to shoot anything in direct sunlight; it creates really harsh shadows. try putting your subject in open shade for a more flattering light. and mid-day is a crappo time for outside shots as well.

you'll want to start thinking about your composition as well... i see you're understanding that an off-centre subject makes for a more interesting shot... but i think you're cropping in too tight in some, or tooooo far to the side in others. read up on the rule of thirds (although it doesn't always apply; don't forget to rely on what looks good to you).

i think it's a good idea to read up on exposure and how to achieve what you want using shutter speed, aperture and ISO together and look at photographs you love. it'll help your brain recognize what works and what doesn't. the more good photographs you see, the better you'll see them in your everyday life as well.

Thanks Punch. I will start trying the manual mode tomorrow. It's funny how you spotted the AV mode shooting. I read up on the rule of 3rds and have been TRYING to apply it. Not so easy with wiggly little pups.

As far as mid day shooting. It's the only time I really have. I work 3rd shift, so getting the shots at either dusk or dawn is IMPOSSIBLE. I'm going right now to read up on composition. Have any suggested sites? Any sites for proper exposure too?

Again, thank you for the info.
If you have to shoot mid-day, stick to the shade then and even try to find a white surface (like a wall or something) to bounce some light off of. That'll help. Direct sun just makes things look harsh.

I spotted the Av mode because I looked at your exif data. Initially I thought you were shooting in auto because of the exposure and noise being all over the place, but Av can do that too (any time the camera picks, that can happen).

Tell puppy to sit and then manipulate one parameter at a time, shooting at each change. For example, "sit!" and then f/1.8, f/2.2, f/3.5, etc. etc. Do that with SS and ISO as well and you'll get a good idea of what does what and what your limits are.

I shoot Canon... not sure what you're on, but I have found that I have to expose to the right to get proper exposure. So... if my light meter tells me that it's properly exposed (ie, indicates zero), I monkey around until it shows it's overexposed by a stop and a half or so. In Av mode you can tell it to expose to the right like that. See if that helps with the exposure and some of the noise you're getting indoors.

As for reading about exposure, everyone recommended "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. I think it does a good enough job teaching you about the exposure triangle and giving you some scenarios to work with.
I'm shooting with the Canon Rebel T3i. Where is the light meter? lol..... I have my exposer setting on 0.

I'm currently reading his articles right now. Funny how google took me right to those articles. Damn, I think I am going to be on here all night. ahahha
I'm shooting with the Canon Rebel T3i. Where is the light meter? lol..... I have my exposer setting on 0.

I'm currently reading his articles right now. Funny how google took me right to those articles. Damn, I think I am going to be on here all night. ahahha

Try reading the manual.
lol..... that would be a good start huh? I found it. Just had to look at it to make sure I knew what I was looking at.....
I think it's illegal to shoot puppies in most states... Animal abuse they might call it.

Might want to watch how you word your titles ;)
Thanks. I'll keep that in mind next time..... lol

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