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Apr 14, 2009
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Boston, Ma
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Hello everyone, A few months ago I was scanning through the website and wishing I had a camera so I could post my images on this terrific website for veiwers to critique and enjoy. Recently, my Girlfriends mom sold me her D40 for 200 bucks! Great condition, anyways I have been messing with it shooting all around and wanted to see what people think of some of my shots. I need you guys to be strict with my photos and tell me what I need to improve. I want to be the next Scott Kelby. Ha!

First attempt at HDR:


Boston PS World Expo! Moose Peterson!
I want to be the next Scott Kelby.
Hopefully you don't pick up his sense of humor.

I like the first shot, but the lighting looks as if an HDR was unnecessary. I also don't think the pole adds much to the photo so you may want to consider a tighter crop without it. I like the linear elements of the bridge railin, but the spacing is just too open and doesn't imply that is the subject. And for an HDR, the clouds seem to lack definition. Just my 2 cents, and welcome to the forum!

PS: What camera are they showing off on the screen?
Not sure what camera he was using. His seminar was all about shooting Grizzly's, cool stuff.
It looks like a Nikon RPG. Maybe that's the next big thing.
I'm no expert, but I like them all, especially the first one.
You've lost detail in the backgound on #1, looks a bit over procssed also. The clouds do not have a realism about them.

#2 isn't that intersting to me, the sky blown out and the background is very "busy".

#3 is a convention shot. Great for prosperity.

Sorry is not my defence, but I see what I see.

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